In April, I made a conscious effort to cut out a couple frivolous habits: eating out, and booze.

I’m a big breakfast burrito guy.  There’s a great little hole in the wall two blocks from my office, and the morning walk to grab some of that spicy, bacon-egg-and-cheese-filled goodness was becoming ritual.  So, I went cold turkey for the month.  I also cut the icy-cold caffeine fix that is the office vending machine, and those fast food stops on the commute home which double as brief but invaluable gags for my 2-year old.

Then there’s the booze.  $7.50 Vanilla Porter after work here, $20 bottle of Cab there, and the occasional $150 close down of the bars… and alcohol rears its ugly head as a huge money sucking vice.  According to Time, alcohol costs the average American less per year than smoking, but not by much.

Those changes showed up in a big way in my May credit card statement (paid off in full each month, of course).  And between those simple changes, and a good month in the stock market, May proved to be a great month.

June 1st Stats:

Liquid Assets: +$5,066.09
Retirement Accounts: +$2,968.13
Mortgage Balance: -$1,211.82
Total Difference: +$9,246.04

June Net Worth: $124,834.73

That’s almost exactly an 8% increase month-over-month.  Sweet.

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